IT & Online services

Instructions for first access and use of University IT services

After completing the online enrollment procedure, you will receive your ID-Student number via e-mail (in the mailbox that you indicated during registration). It is a number that identifies you as a student of UPO; it is used in administrative procedures and to access IT services. Write it down because you will need it, from that moment on, also to access the Student Services portal.

After the technical time necessary for the Offices to regularize your registration (from 2 to 10 days), you will need to activate your e-mail box by following the instructions you find here: Email Service for Students. For problems relating to the activation of the mailbox, write to

The credentials you will need at this point are two:

  1. ID-Student number + Password created by you on first access for:
  • Student Services Portal
  • UniUpo App
  1. Email address ( + Password created for the email for:
  • Email
  • Wifi
  • Access to computers in laboratories
  • DIR Services (Online Education)

In order to change your password, to reset it or to restore it in case of loss click here. In order to allow us to communicate your new password, you must have entered an e-mail address different from the one provided during registration.


Look at this diagram to understand better.