IT & Online services

Information on initial access and use of University IT services

Once you have completed the online enrolment procedure, you will receive an email with your student ID number (at the email address provided during registration). This number is needed for administrative procedures and access to IT services.

Please remember that the enrolment procedure is complete only once you have paid the first fee instalment. Up to that moment, in order to enter the Student Portal you must log in as:

When you receive the email with your student ID number, you must activate your email account by following the instructions here:  Email Service for Students.

For any problems with this process, write to

Once your email account is activated, you must use your email details to access:

  • The Student Portal
  • UniUpo App  (username; simply your student ID number)
  • Email
  • Wi Fi
  • Access to PCs in the workshops
  • DIR services (Didattica in rete – online teaching)

To restore/change/reset your password consult the Password Management section.