The email service is active for all students enrolled on degree programmes, specialist master’s courses, Master’s degrees and PhDs. It is not necessary to apply for this service.

Once enrolled, you will be given access to an email account with an address following this format "student’s enrolment number"@studenti.uniupo.it

To activate the account, follow the instructions in the section  Password Management

When the password is successfully modified, your status will become “active” and you can access your email account (go to https://www.gmail.com, key in MATRICOLA @studenti.uniupo.it as the username, and then the “New password” that you have just generated. Then follow the activation process until you see your university email account appear.

You can access the email account directly from the homepage of Google https://mail.google.com , or more easily by http://mail.uniupo.it ; also, just as with normal Gmail accounts, you can check the mail via web on any device, using your own login credentials (however, we do not recommend the use of Local Clients like Outlook, Apple Mail, etc…).

The email account has a capacity of at least 7 GB and is equipped with antivirus and antispam filter; there is a webchat that allows you to communicate also via audio/video modes with other users @uniupo.it and all other @gmail.com users.

Please remember that the email address matricola@ studenti.uniupo.it is the only official and recognised address that the University uses for the receipt and sending of communications. In this way it is possible to guarantee that any reserved data is not sent to unauthorised third parties.

Also, use of the @studenti.uniupo.it email address allows the administrative offices to identify you immediately, speeding up response times.

For questions about your university studies, we will respond ONLY to requests sent from your university email address. It is your duty as a student to check your university email account regularly for notices/communications pertaining to your studies and administrative issues.