Accommodation and catering

This section outlines all the services provided to help students in their daily life at university and beyond.

It should be noted that services necessary to fully benefit from the right to study are promoted by E.Di.S.U. (regional authority for the Right to Higher Education). However, the University itself also offers a set of services.

This table shows which services are provided by E.Di.S.U and which by the University.



  • student grants
  • extra financial assistance
  • university halls of residence, housing service and housing cost assistance
  • catering
  • international exchange programme support
  • study grants for disabled students
  • cultural, recreational and sports activities
  • careers/course assistance
  • online services
  • reimbursements and exemptions
  • study grants and awards
  • student Loans
  • halls of residence and housing service
  • regional agreements for subsidised rental accommodation for students
  • services and financial support for disabled students
  • international exchange programme support
  • paid part-time jobs
  • assistance in the event of sexual harassment
  • counselling services
  • study rooms
  • cultural, recreational and sports activities

For E.Di.S.U. services, visit the website or the offices in the locations and timetables listed on the website.