Withdrawal, suspension and other academic career events


During your studies, you may find yourself in particular situations whereby you need to change your student status and, as a result, your fee status.This section explains the cases which you may encounter and what to do.


Forfeiture is treated differently according to whether you are registered on a degree course in the old or new system.

  • Old system. You are subject to forfeiture in the event that you have not re-enrolled on your study programme for eight years or, if you have regularly renewed enrolment, have not taken any exams or final assessments with credits for eight years.
  • New system. You are subject to forfeiture in you have not re-enrolled for a number of years equal to the normal duration of the course or, if you have regularly re-enrolled, have not passed any exams with credits or final assessments with credits in a number of years equal to the normal duration of the course.

Finally, you are subject to forfeiture if you are simultaneously registered on two or more courses in the same or another university: we remind you that this is prohibited.

In the event that forfeiture is ascertained, the University may reimburse any paid fees which are not due, exclusively for the academic year in progress when the event occurs.


You may withdraw from your studies at any time and enrol ex novo, according to the terms laid down in the Annual Students’ Handbook, on the same or another degree course.

You must give notice of your withdrawal, in a clear and explicit form without any conditions, terms or clauses attached. Please note that withdrawal is an irrevocable action.

You must submit the form of withdrawal from studies to the Student Services office with a stamp duty of  € 16, along with your university record book (if you have it) and the smart card. If you ask for withdrawal after 26/02/2021 you must pay both the second and third instalments of your course fees. For alternative ways to submit your withdrawal regarding this last deadline, contact Student Services

If you have presented your notice of withdrawal and wish to enrol again with recognition of your collected academic credits, but are not up to date with payments of fees following a period of interruption, you must pay the total amount of fees not paid previously.

Early completion of course

If you have collected all the academic credits necessary for your course and you are admitted to the final exam (for Bachelor’s and single cycle Master’s degrees) at an earlier date than the scheduled date, you are subject to a fee of 202 euro for each year skipped.

Temporary break in studies and fee for acknowledgement of credits

If you enrol on a degree programme after a break in studies of two years or more, you must pay a fee of €150 for each academic year that you were no longer enrolled, in order to have your credits reactivated. Payment of this fee absolves you from all other fees pertaining to the years in which you suspended your studies.

Suspension or leave of absence

In some cases it is possible to suspend your course, paying a sum of €150 for each year the course is frozen. This enables you to maintain your student status; however, in the years of suspension, you cannot take exams or acquire academic credits. You can apply for a suspension or leave of absence in these cases:

  • mothers after childbirth (with medical certification)
  • long-term illness (with medical certification)
  • students who enrol on a 1st or 2nd level vocational Master’s programme, school of specialisation or PhD.
  • enrolled students who wish to begin and end a second course of study at a military academy or foreign university.

To acquire suspension or leave of absence, you must submit the application complete with stamp duty payment of €16 to Student Services by the enrolment deadline, along with the receipt of payment of € 150 and any medical certificates required to prove your health status.

Approved requests for suspension/leave of absence are not revocable. You will not be able to take exams or acquire academic credits during the year of suspension/leave of absence.