Public Engagement

In recent years, the university’s Public Engagement (PE) policies have increased enormously. We have signed agreements with leading organisations and associations for various high-profile projects.

These results have been rewarded with our top ranking among Italian research entities in the ERQ 2011-2014 classification.

Teachers and researchers have acquired greater awareness of the objectives of public engagement, and the departments are committed to communicating and spreading knowledge through direct relationships with the territory and stakeholders.

Here is an overview of the number and type of initiatives by which Università del Piemonte Orientale shares public assets of a social, educational and cultural nature. These activities are very varied and call for different forms of institutional commitment: from occasional activities to ongoing programmes, from individual efforts to university institutional activity.


immagine sintesi Public Engagement 2016-2020


The PE initiatives are divided by ANVUR into ten macro-categories (see image 1), with the main groups listed in the menu options on the right-hand side showing how and how many UPO researchers are involved in third mission projects and initiatives. There has been an upward trend since 2016, with around 500 recorded initiatives in the following years.