Registration on freestanding courses

Applications for freestanding courses in the academic year 2023-2024 must be presented by 8 January 2024 for courses in the first semester and by 3 June 2024 for those activated in the second semester or annual courses. The School of Medicine and the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences maintain different deadlines to permit candidates to respect the attendance regulations for freestanding courses. Visit the websites of the respective Departments. It is not possible to enrol on freestanding lab courses at the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

By registering for freestanding courses, you can take exams for credit within the academic year in question.

If you graduate during the special exam session of academic year 2022/2023, you can register for all freestanding courses in the second semester of the first year of a Master’s programme of academic year 2023/2024, by paying a forfeit sum equivalent to the first instalment fee plus maximum second instalment sum for full-time study on said Master’s programme.
This opportunity is allowed in light of potential enrolment on a Master’s course for academic year 2024/2025. For those who do so, the credits from the freestanding courses are recognised in their entirety (where the student has passed the exam). Bear in mind that the degree programmes of the School of Medicine and Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences follow different rules.

If you then enrol on a Master’s programme for academic year 2023/2024, you are exempt from payment of the second instalment but you must pay:

  1. The first instalment (tax for the Regional Authority for the Right to Higher Education plus stamp duty)
  2. The fixed fee of 10 euro of the second instalment
  3. Any fee due for instalments subsequent to second, according to the rules laid down regarding the academic year of registration on the Master’s course.

Exemption from payment of the forfeit sum for enrolment on freestanding courses is exclusively awarded to those who, when making the application, attach appropriate medical certification of disability, recognition of handicap (Law of 5 February 1992, no. 104, art. 3, para 1) or of invalidity equivalent or greater than 66%. Exemptions may also be awarded to: asylum-seekers and/or beneficiaries of international protection, political refugees, and incoming freemover students. This exemption may also be applied to those with documentary evidence of other situations which justify total exemption from fees.


If you register for freestanding courses, the fees are as follows:

Credits acquired

General fee

Reduced fee

Up to 6

€ 90

€ 25

Up to 12

€ 180

€ 50

Up to 18

€ 270

€ 75

Up to 24

€ 360

€ 100

Up to 30

€ 450

€ 125

Up to 36

€ 540

€ 150


The reduced fee applies to:

  • University employees
  • People with disabilities equal or greater than 66%
  • People with handicaps (art.3 c. 1 l. 104/1992);
  • Asylum-seekers; political refugees
  • Incoming freemover students

No reimbursement will be awarded in the event that the student does not pass the exams conferring academic credits. It is possible to take exams up until the special session of the academic year.