Research Doctorate (PhD)

The research doctorate, Philosophiæ Doctor (PhD), represents the highest level of education foreseen in the Italian academic system.

The objective of the doctorate is to provide the necessary skills to carry out highly qualified research activities at universities, public, and private bodies.

It has a minimum duration of three years and foresees a limited number of seats. It is addressed to individuals with a master's degree or equivalent qualification, selected with a public competition, through the evaluation of qualifications and examinations (interview and possible written test).

The doctoral training program is based on the development of a qualified research project, carried out through advanced teaching programmes, individual study and cultural exchange with other countries. The PhD student is accompanied by an academic tutor, who supervises the project and the scientific growth, and along the path is also judged by the Academic Board for admission to subsequent years. At the end of the course, the title of "research doctorate (PhD)" is obtained through the elaboration of the doctoral thesis with scientific method and the discussion of the results (defense of the doctorate) in front of the evaluation commission, prior the evaluation of two highly qualified professors from another University.

Since 2005 we have established the Doctoral School which brings together and organizes all the research doctorate courses.

For information, contact the PhD Office: Head Dr. Mario Repole

The University Regulations on research doctorates are available here

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