About us


In 2020, UPO (Università del Piemonte Orientale) celebrated the 22nd anniversary of its founding.

Lively, dynamic and inclusive, our university welcomes young people to an exciting academic environment which is easy to navigate and where the teaching staff foster the university progress of each student, nurturing each individual and his/her abilities.

As the only university in eastern Piedmont, UPO represents a cultural and academic asset for the region, boasting not only a higher than average rate of post-university employment but also high levels of career satisfaction among its ex-students.

UPO is an academic setting which combines an Italian and international atmosphere. The wide range of programmes, enhanced by partnerships with other universities in Italy, Europe and the USA, offers deserving students particularly prestigious opportunities and cutting edge study experiences, deemed excellent by the MIUR (Ministry of Education, University and Research) as well as its graduates.

Even in a state of emergency with distancing restrictions, we can define our university as an open campus. Exchange and sharing of ideas, collaboration, variety and diversity are welcomed every day into our classrooms (whether physical or virtual), offices, laboratories, research centres, and in the development of partnerships with companies, business incubators, organisations and institutions.

Current vital issues are shaping the future of our planet and the destiny of humanity. Sustainable development of society depends not only on the technical and scientific skills that we can produce – which are essential – but also on the awareness and ability of people, disciplines and countries in working together.

UPO plays a part in this, offering each student not only a solid education but also a concept of knowledge and humanity inspired by values of integration and integrity.