Grants and subsidies

The Italian Constitution recognises the right of able and worthy students to study in higher education, regardless of their financial means, and establishes that it is the duty of the Republic to remove economic and social obstacles to the all-round cultural growth and development of the individual and effective participation in all political, economic and social systems of the country.

There are a number of ways in which the University and Organisation for the Right to University Education support the right to study with economic assistance: grants, reimbursements, exemptions, subsidies and loans.

E.Di.S.U grants

These grants are made available to able, worthy students without the means to finance higher education. They are awarded by E.Di.S.U. (regional authority for the Right to Higher Education) on the basis of an annual public competition open to all those who possess the appropriate requisites.

The grant amounts differ according to the economic means of the student, their hometown, and the time necessary to reach the teaching location by public transport.

Recipients of these grants, and other similar eligible candidates, are exempt from payment of tuition fees.

Contact the E.Di.S.U. office and visit the website at:


University scholarships

The departments can independently award scholarships of varying amounts to incentivise and subsidise university study. The departments who participate in this scheme publish a specific call for applications.

Consult your department’s website or visit the Student Services Office for more and up-to-date information on this topic.


Calls for applications – joint partnerships

From this page you can download a list of active calls for applications, whereby various university departments and E.Di.S.U. offer grants, awards and subsidy opportunities.

Edisu Call for Applications