Welcome services and contacts


If you need information that is not supplied here on the website, you can contact us in a variety of ways.

The best way to contact us is via the online support service UPO Risponde, but if your request is urgent, you can find our phone numbers on the Useful Contacts page.

If you are a fresher or potential student, these support tools are available to you:

  • from July to October, you can find us on the Facebook group page – Matricole UPO 2021/22 (not currently active)
  • you can send your query/request via email (urp@uniupo.it) or by Messenger to the UPO Facebook page
  • you can contact our PIMs (Enrolment Information Points) and take part in remote meetings with our current students
  • every year, from September to October, we organise a Welcome Freshers day, when we supply all our newly registered students with the information necessary to begin university life at UPO