Documents and declarations

Our University issues stamped certificates which may be used exclusively between private parties. For use with public administration or public service providers, self-certification statements should be used instead (Italian Law 183/2011, art.15).

You may apply for certificates, copies and extracts of documents regarding your university studies at the Student Services Office of your department (providing you are up-to-date with your tuition payments) by submitting the form requesting the certificate(s) complete with a 16-euro revenue stamp per certificate requested. You will also need to show your Student’s Record Book.

The following certificates require a general purpose revenue stamp (with current value of 16 euros):

  • graduation request
  • degree certificate and copy
  • certification of professional license to practise as chartered accountant, accountant, and book-keeper, and copy of certificate
  • certificate of enrolment on university courses
  • certificate of academic record
  • certification of completed studies/degree qualification
  • certificate of university period redemption (for pension purposes)
  • replacement certificates of professional license to practise as chartered accountant, accountant, and book-keeper
  • application for registration and enrolment
  • application for recognition of student status
  • application for leave/transfer to other universities
  • application for withdrawal from studies
  • application for replacement Student’s Record Book
  • application for enrolment on specialist training courses
  • application for admission to Master’s programmes

If the copy is not required for use as an official document, it is not subject to stamp duty.

Please remember to bring the revenue stamp to the Student Services Office. For questions of privacy, certificates can only be issued to the applicant in person. If you cannot come to the office yourself, you need to authorise a person to collect it for you – they can do this by providing a written mandate (signed by you) and photocopy of your ID document.