Italian "Master" courses

A university education does not finish with a degree: today’s workplace calls increasingly for updated and more indepth study, meaning that further specific training and vocational education is essential.

If this is what you are looking for, a Specialist Master’s qualification is your answer. This is defined by law as “a course of scientific specialisation and higher education, permanent and recurrent”. The qualification has a specific legal value and may be of I or II level:

  • You may apply to do a I level Specialist Master’s if you already possess an undergraduate or standard Master’s (magistrale) degree
  • You may apply to do a II level Specialist Master’s if you possess a standard Master’s (magistrale) degree

Specialist Masters’ courses last at least one academic year and involve the collection of 60 academic credits per year. They are not a permanent fixture in the university curricula but are instead offered year to year in order to supply a flexible opportunity for ongoing and targeted professional updating and specialisation.

Please Note: an Italian Specialist Master’s qualification is NOT equivalent to the traditional Master’s degrees released elsewhere (i.e. international qualifications equivalent to the Italian Laurea Magistrale). Neither should it be confused with the numerous Masters’ qualifications offered by public or private organisations which DO NOT have any legal validity as certification.