Fees and taxes


Student fees are paid in instalments:

  1. The first instalment represents the registration fee and is the same sum for everybody 
  2. Subsequent instalments may vary, according to:
    • the Department to which one is registered;
    • The study regime selected (full or part-time);
    • The economic status of the student’s family, as reported in the 2022 “ISEE Statement for financial assistance in the Right to Higher Education”,
    • Student merit (only for registration in second year and onward)


Students who are not up-to-date with fee payments may not request or receive certificates, attend lessons, take exams or participate in any other university activity; they are also prohibited from receiving financial support from the University and/other organisations (public and/or private) in partnership with the University (student collaborations, tutoring allowances, study grants, enrolment/fee assistance or other financial aid).

In the event of unpaid fees and taxes, or in the event of failure to return sums released erroneously (study grants, study awards, contributions or benefits) for any reason (including international mobility), the student may be suspended from studies.

Suspension will occur also in the event of unpaid sums to the Regional Authority for the Right to Higher Education or failure to meet deadlines for administrative procedures, even after being solicited by email.


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