No Tax Area

The No-Tax Area status applies when all the following requisites are fulfilled:

  1. ISEE amount lower or equivalent to euro 30,000.00
  2. ISEE eligible for subisidised services in the Right to Higher Education, according to the student’s tax code status
  3. Currently valid ISEE statement at the moment of registration/enrolment
  4. Registration with the university for a number of academic years that is inferior or equivalent to the normal duration of a course, plus one year


and one of these requisites:

  1. Registration for first year
  2. Registration for second year and acquisition of at least 10 academic credits by 10 August 2021
  3. Registration for subsequent years and acquisition of at least 25 academic credits between 11 August 2020 and 10 August 2021

The application of No-Tax Area status does not need to be requested – it is automatically conferred on submission of ISEE certification.

The No-Tax Area status does not exempt students from payment of the regional tax and stamp duty.