Office 365

UPO has activated a new “benefit” in the form of a Microsoft Campus Agreement signed with the U.S. company.

Thanks to this agreement, all UPO students and staff (teaching and technical-administrative) can enjoy free access to the Apps of “Office 365” throughout the duration of the deal with Microsoft (3 years), downloading up to 5 installations of the Office suite on PCs, Mac, smartphones and tablets.

For students: this benefit is automatically created once you have completed your enrollment (when your email is open). You have just to enter the site  and login with your student email. 

For personnel: you will need to create an account on the portal. You can apply to create the account by selecting the item "Utenza Office 365 Docenti e Personale" in the ticketing system.

Once the account is created, to use the system simply visit the website and log in with your university email address.