English language test


For all students enrolled in undergraduate degree programs and single-cycle Master’s degree programs, there will be an English language test.

Holders of an English language qualification may be exempt from the test, if the certificate:

  1. was issued by one of the following exam boards:
    • Cambridge ESOL (min. score 160): FCE (B2); CAE (C1); Proficiency (C2)
    • Cambridge ESOL (min. score 160): BEC Vantage (B2); BEC Higher (C1)
    • Cambridge IELTS (min. score 5.2/B2)
    • TOEFL Internet Based Test/iBT (min. score 60/B2)
    • TOEFL Paper Based Test/PBT (min. score 516/B2)
    • Trinity College ISE 2 (B2); ISE 3 (C1) (min. score 39/B2)
  2. was issued less than two scholastic years ago (i.e. for students who start university immediately after leaving school, no earlier than the fourth year of secondary school)
  3. is of level B2 or higher, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)
  4. is uploaded with the necessary application forms at the moment of enrolment via the following link*.

In this event, once the qualification has been registered, your study programme status will be updated to show that you meet the English language requirements.

* students who do not hold proof of qualification at the time of enrolment are obliged to take the placement test (see scenario 2 below) on the dates scheduled by the various Departments. 

Students who do not hold an English language qualification as defined above must take the Placement Test.

The Placement Test is an online assessment test provided by Oxford University Press to establish an incoming student’s competence in the English language.

The test does not replace the university’s own English language exam, which must still be taken in accordance with your study program and degree course deadlines.

The test is designed to assess your knowledge of the English language; if your level results as A1 or A2, you will need to attend a basic course (20 hours), in preparation for the full English language course (50 hours). If you do not pass the 20-hour course, you will not be able to attend the 50-hour course.
The test lasts approximately 60 minutes and consists of:

  • around 30 multiple-choice questions or gapped text questions to test lexical and grammatical knowledge (Use of English)
  • around 15 short listening exercises with multiple choice answers to test listening comprehension.

To achieve a mark, you must attempt every question/section.

In the light of the current health crisis, the Placement test will be carried out online rather than on-site.

In the documents at the bottom of this page you will find guidelines on how the test is carried out remotely, while your Department can provide you with more information on registering and the test itself.

For more details about the test, you can also visit the webpage Oxford Online Placement Test.