Renewal of enrolment

Enrolment for subsequent years (second year onwards) can be carried out online from 1 September to 9 October 2020, by paying the first instalment.

  1. Log on to the Student Portal and access your personal account;
  2. In the left-hand menu select “Administration” and then “Payments”;
  3. You will be able to view your enrolment details and first instalment rate, along with any added costs for students who are taking longer to complete their course or are repeating the year. You can also view this information via the UniUPO app.


If there are any irregularities, if any procedure step cannot be completed, or if you wish to change your student status, please contact the Student Services office.

If you fall behind with payment of your fees, you will not be able to request and obtain certificates, attend lessons, take credit exams or make any course/career progress (including transfers to other institutions).

The enrolment form must be completed if you are fiscally exempt from tuition fees (entirely or partially). It is always a good idea to deliver this to us, when complete, in order to allow the administration office to trace any necessary information without having to contact you again.


What happens if you miss the deadlines:

After 9 October 2020, your enrolment will still be accepted, subject to payment of a penalty fee.

After 30 October 2020, your enrolment will still be accepted, subject to payment of a penalty fee and conditional to approval by the Department Director (except in the cases of students who are repeating a year or are off-schedule on completing their courses)

Enrolment for Master’s degrees (with unrestricted access) is possible from 1 September to 18 December 2020.

After 18 December 2020, your enrolment will be accepted following appeal to the Dean, on approval by the Department Director and subject to penalty fee; exemption from the penalty fee is only allowed in the event that you achieve the qualification necessary for admission at a date later than the original deadline stated.

For example: if you graduate in the last exam session for the academic year 2019/2020 (i.e. spring 2021) and wish to enrol on a Master’s course, you may enrol for all the individual modules of the second semester of the first year, paying the total sum of the first fee instalment and maximum second fee instalment together – for the full-time contract – due for the Master’s course.

If then, as is likely, you continue your course in the next academic year (2020/2021), all the credits of each module from the previous semester in which you passed the exam will be carried forward.

To renew enrolment for an undergraduate degree course or Master’s course when the University Regulations impose a halt or restrictions on your continued study in the following year, refer to the specific communications published on the Department/School website, and contact Student Services to check your individual status.