Educational Support Services

Here attached are the reports on students’ overall customer satisfaction levels regarding some Educational Support Services.

The measurement of customer satisfaction levels involves active engagement with students (along with the student representatives in governing and evaluation bodies or the use of Quality Assurance-AVA tools, also as a listening channel for students regarding administrative/management services).


Target audience

Questionnaires were given to students of the first year and subsequent years.


Monitored services

  • Student Services
  • Digital Support for Education services
  • Orientation/careers guidance and job placement services
  • Enrolment procedure
  • Procedure for submission of Study Plans

The questions are about overall opinions (“Are you generally satisfied with…”). The feedback is divided by course topic area.


Il grafico espone gli indici di gradimento, aggregati per Area scientifico disciplinare, relativi alla domanda "Sei complessivamente soddisfatto dei Servizi di segreteria?"
The graph shows satisfaction levels, grouped by Course topic area, regarding the question “Are you generally satisfied with Student Services?”  Source: Good Practice Project