Modern Foreign Languages
Degree programme
3-year undergraduate
Course title (Classe)
L-11 – Lingue e culture moderne


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Course overview

This course provides a solid grasp and professional competence in foreign languages, with indepth study of two languages and related linguistic, cultural and literature disciplines. You can choose from: French, English, Spanish, and German, which will be studied for three years. In the second year you can add a third language and choose between three training paths: linguistic, economic-communicative, literary-artistic. As of the second year, you can also study Russian language and culture. You can attend annual language practice modules of 4-6 hours weekly, and, again from the second year, courses held entirely in the foreign language.

Key features

  • Extensive practice of the foreign language
  • Possibility of studying up to 4 languages and choosing between three training paths
  • Innovative teaching method: ‘Theatre in language, Language in Theatre’ (TiLLiT) initiative in the foreign language, lessons taught directly in the foreign language, literary translation workshops
  • Possibility of Double Degree (Université Savoie Mont Blanc-Chambéry)
  • Direct entry to Master’s degree in Languages, Culture and Tourism
  • Study opportunities abroad (Erasmus and Free Mover programmes)

Erasmus partner institutions

  • Austria: Graz. 
  • Belgium: Liegi.
  • Croatia: Zagabria.
  • France: Bordeaux, Lille, Metz, Versailles, Paris Diderot, Grenoble. 
  • Germany: “Ludwig Maximilian” (Munich), Marburg, Aachen, Bochum, Potsdam. 
  • Norway: Volda. 
  • Poland: Warsaw, Wroclaw, Lodz, “Adam Mickiewicz” Poznań. 
  • Portugal: Madeira. 
  • Romania: Alba Iulia, Bucarest. 
  • Spain: Malaga, “Carlos III” (Madrid), “Miguel de Cervantes” (Valladolid), Alcalã, Valencia, Tenerife, Salamanca, Seville, Vigo, Santiago de Compostela, Cáceres, Santander, Ciudad Real, Huelva.

“Free Mover” option: It is possible to study or work abroad for a period of time as a “Free Mover”, benefitting from the financial and organisational support of the university.

Career and employment opportunities

Careers in cultural mediation, publishing (paper and digital), and various editorial and translation fields – from literary to functional to cinema/TV/audiovisual dubbing. Jobs in the fields of translation, public relations and marketing, business, tourism and promotional services: in libraries and archives, in advertising and mass-media. Roles in Italian and international cultural organisations in Italy and abroad, in international companies, in various fields of the industry -from the advanced tertiary and tertiary sectors (NGOs and non-profit organisations).