Quality Committee


The Quality Committee has these objectives:

  • to promote the culture of quality in the University;
  • to set up the processes for Quality Assurance;
  • to ensure the ability to improve the Degree Programs and all training activities continuously, as well as the efficiency and effectiveness of the structures that provide them;
  • to oversee the regular performance of QA procedures for research activities according to the programmes.


In particular, the Quality Committee has the operational responsibility of University AQ through:

  • implementing the quality policy defined by the University's political bodies;
  • organizing and supervising common tools (models and data) for the QA;
  • designing and implementing training activities;
  • monitoring the adequate and uniform performance of QA procedures throughout the University;
  • supporting Degree Programs, their Directors and Contact People for the training and updating of staff (both teaching and technical-administrative) for the purposes of the QA;
  • supporting the management of information flows at all levels involved in the QA process.