Good Practice

Good Practice is an annual survey, coordinated by the Politecnico di Milano, which intends to detect the aspects related to the services provided by the University. There are two types of recognition:

  • the study of the efficiency of each service, i.e. the evaluation of the total and unit cost incurred by the University to produce a specific result. It is carried out by collecting the information and indicators necessary for evaluating the costs of the services offered from the offices in charge and inserting it in special online forms;
  • the study of the effectiveness of each service, i.e. the quality expressed by measuring the customers’ satisfaction (students, technical-administrative staff, professors and researchers). It is carried out through online questionnaires aimed at collecting the necessary information from each category. A questionnaire is addressed to students, a similar one to professors and researchers, and a third one to technical-administrative staff.

We evaluate the services provided by Registry offices, Orientation and Job Placement services, Right to Education services, Internationalization offices, as well as the quality of the spaces and equipment, the library services, the IT tools.

The results of these surveys are compared with those of the other Italian universities, which participate in the project, with the aim of pursuing a logic of continuous improvement of their work. The Politecnico di Milano carries out comparative analyses between universities; any further in-depth analyses relating to our University are carried out by our offices.

The Good Practice project also includes other activities that are also subject of discussion between universities:

  • the Annual survey on organizational well-being, which is mandatory for public bodies;
  • some in-depth 'laboratories' on issues decided by the participating universities (e.g. laboratory on risk management, web communication, etc.)