Third mission initiatives

Countless individual conferences are held by our teachers and researchers for citizens and schools on sustainability issues: there are more than one hundred per year. We are implementing some of these in more structured projects and/or in collaboration with other bodies.


This is an international research project led by DISSTE, which aims to increase and encourage the study, exchange and dissemination of knowledge on topics related to "ecological justice" and the "ecology of law", contributing to the improvement of standards and climate justice policies.

In full harmony with what is proposed by the UN, we develop new socio-legal tools and methodologies intended to provide a common theoretical and operational basis in the social and environmental sciences, to give voice to ecosystems and non-human living beings in legal cases.

We wish to explore the concept of "Ecological Justice" at intersectoral, academic and non-academic, interdisciplinary and international level, involving European and Latin American research centres and researchers.

We try to create a shared vision, a common language centred on the objective value of "non-human nature", to respond in a more cohesive and clear way to the political processes that discuss the notion of "sustainability" and to current ecological challenges.

The project has also been presented to the UN, and includes a series of initiatives for disseminating research results (conferences, debates) to the general public.




Climbing for Climate

Climbing for Climate is an initiative organised by RUS and the Italian Alpine Club (CAI) to raise awareness among local, national and international public opinion on the effects of ongoing climate change.

It responds to objectives 13 and 15 of the UN Agenda 2030 (fight against climate change and promotion of life on earth/protection of biodiversity); it also promotes sustainable tourism (objective 8), the social and economic inclusion of those living in peripheral areas (objective 10) and provides support to sustainable communities (objective 11).

Five editions have already been held since 2019, in which we took part with our teachers and students.

Climbing for Climate




Circonomia. Festival of the circular economy and ecological transition. We were one of the guest institutions of the 2017 edition.

#madeincasa2020. This was an awareness contest on up-cycling, aimed at students of Piedmont universities, which took place in 2020.

Waste Mob. A competitive challenge against littering. Teams of students, athletes from Piedmont universities, compete to clean up stretches of riverside.

Working group on Circular Bioeconomy. In Novara, we have started a process of debate on the problems that still negatively impact the development of an innovative circular bioeconomy ecosystem, and on possible solutions and initiatives to be shared.