Enrolment for individual modules


If you are not enrolled on any university degree program, you can still register for an individual module. During one academic year, you can enrol for individual courses to accumulate from a minimum of 1 ETCS credit (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation) to a maximum of 36 ETCS credits. The fees for registering on individual modules are listed below.

Credits awardedFull FeeReduced*

Up to 6  

90 Euro

25 Euro

Up to 12

180 Euro

50 Euro

Up to 18

270 Euro

75 Euro

Up to 24  

360 Euro

100 Euro

Up to 30   

450 Euro

125 Euro

Up to 36

540 Euro

150 Euro


Enrolments for individual modules for the academic year 2020/2021 must be made by 4 January 2021 for courses held in the first semester, and by 4 June 2021 for courses held in the second semester.

This method of enrolment confers the right to sit the relevant exams and acquire relevant credits only during the exam sessions of the academic year in question.

The list of available courses can be consulted on the website Courses section, on the page of each degree course.

Students who graduate with an undergraduate (Bachelor’s) degree in the final exam session for the academic year 2019/2020 may register on all individual modules of the II semester in the first year of a Master’s Degree program for the academic year 2020/2021, paying a forfeit amount equivalent to the sum of the first instalment and maximum second instalment (full-time) set for the Master’s degree course.

This possibility is allowed in light of planned enrolment for a Master’s Degree programme for the following academic year; for these students, all credits will be recognised for those individual modules where they have enrolled and passed the exam, and they will be exempt from payment of the first two instalments (excluding the E.Di.S.U. tax and stamp duty).

Exemption from payment of the forfeit sum for enrolment on individual modules is also available for anyone who presents proof, via a doctor’s certificate with their application (under penalty of invalidation of the exemption) testifying to disability or handicap, pursuant to art. 3, paragraph 1 of Decree no.104 of 5 February 1992; or of invalidity equal or higher than sixty-six percent; or of status as an asylum-seeker, political refugee or incoming free mover student. Exemption of this forfeit fee may also be applied to those who can provide evidence of other personal situations that justify total exemption from all fees.


*= University Staff – individuals with a level of disability amounting to or higher than 66% - handicap (art.3 para. 1 l. 104/1992) – asylum-seekers – political refugees – incoming free mover students