Programmes of guidance and tutoring - Counseling

The Counselling Service is run by Professor Patrizia Zeppegno and coordinated by Dr. Daniela Ponzetti with the collaboration of doctors who are attending the last year of the School of Specialisation in Psychiatry (UPO).  This service has been offered at the university since 1998 and aims to improve the life quality of students.

What is the Counselling Service?

Counselling is a form of assistance designed to provide students with the tools and methods necessary to tackle complex situations/crises.

Who is the Counselling Service designed for?

Students in the final two years of secondary school (for orientation/careers guidance), UPO degree students, specialising students, PhD students and researchers.

In what type of situation may the Counselling Service be of use?

Problems in handling university life (study methods, study programmes, preparation for exams, relationships with teachers and classmates)

  • anxiety issues and mood swings
  • psychosomatic stress
  • eating disorders
  • substance abuse
  • mental disturbance of any sort

Such problems may be tackled with individual appointments, group sessions, careers guidance and counselling and autogenous training.

How to access the Counselling Service

If you wish to meet a counsellor, you must make an appointment by telephoning 333 505 56 31 or writing to:  If you are living abroad, we can offer Skype appointments.

  • ALESSANDRIA – Ufficio Counsellor – Corso Borsalino 44 – II floor
  • NOVARA – Cattedra di Psichiatria, Via Gnifetti 8
  • VERCELLI – Ufficio Counsellor – Complesso Universitario San Giuseppe, Piazza S. Eusebio 5