Why come here?


Do not miss the opportunity to study in Italy, at UPO!

Italy remains one of the most qualified countries where you can get a degree or spend a mobility period. Do not forget that the first University of the world was established in Italy; Vercelli, one of the three cities where UPO campus are set, was the seventh university to be open in 1227.

Italy does not cling onto its glorious past. It is one of the most developed countries all over the world; we constantly update our university system in conformity with the standards of the European Higher Education Area. Public and private companies, holdings and SMEs, foster the technology transfer between University, enterprises and the labour market in a variety of fields.

Why should you choose UPO? Ten tips to mull it over.

  1. We are cool. We are a young, dynamic, competitive open campus. We bid on our widespread territoriality, which gives a strong identity to this area of Northwestern Italy and lures pioneering companies and networking organisations.
  2. We are popular. We are in the top ten ranking of universities in Italy for the high quality of our facilities, research and teaching, teacher/student ratio, customer’s satisfaction. We are proud of our absolute primacy in many disciplines.
  3. We are human-sized. Some 15,000 students, 400 professors and researchers, 300 employees make us a lively community that is well integrated with our homely hosting towns, which keep the inconveniences of metropolitan areas at a distance.
  4. We are not expensive. We are proud to be the primary social elevator of our territory; we allow families to meet the challenges of modern times and to prepare their children to face our globalized world. Our first aid is to keep the tuition fees low — the lowest in Northwestern Italy.
  5. We are inclusive. 69% of our students are women; equal opportunities are genetically rooted in our policies. Our non-confessional character means that everybody can practice her/his credo with no fear of being discriminated. Special programs for disabled people are one of our highlights. Diversity and inclusion are a top priority, something we deeply believe in.
  6. We are glocal. Do not be misled by our size or our topography. We are not a ‘provincial’ university. 10% of our students come from abroad; the most of our research projects are supported by international partnerships. We are expanding our teaching activities in English year after year.
  7. You find excellent buddies. We breathe a friendly, passionate air at UPO.  We are proud of our outstanding graduates, who can find a job in a very short time after their graduation and receive adequate pay for their work. It is not so frequent in Italy.
  8. You never feel lost. We are accountable for the quality and standards of our services and we are constantly committed to offer wide assistance, to create excellence, to make our students’ life easier.
  9. We are engaged. We maintain a network of community contacts to nurture charitable, educational and voluntary partnerships between the University and our communities. We try to cultivate the garden where we live.
  10. You will find a home away from home.

Now, please, check the menu. Are you a degree-seeker with a good mind to enroll at UPO? Are you looking for a mobility experience? Please, choose your path after taking an overview of our organization.