Certification of 24 Academic Credits


The third session opens on 28 September 2020 and closes on 12 October 2020.

Curriculums will not be evaluated/graded when the module is submitted. However, if an application is made where one of the requisites is not fulfilled, an amount equivalent to the fee for requested certification will be deducted from fees owed by those graduates who then register on individual modules offered by the university to complete the 24 academic credits.

For information/issues regarding the application, please contact 24cfu@uniupo.it, specifying in the subject line whether the email refers to a technical, administrative or educational issue (for the Board).

Every applicant must complete one form only, supplying all the information necessary and identifying all the competition categories of interest in relation to declared academic credits. Generic requests will not be considered (i.e. requests which do not expressly state for which exams the request applies).

After sending the request form, the application is deemed definitive and cannot be modified. The applicant will receive a confirmation email (at the address indicated in the form), with a summary attached of the application details; the email and attached summary should be saved for use in the event that issues arise.

Anyone who, after sending the request but within the deadline for presentation, realises they have made a mistake in completing the form, must promptly send notice of this situation by email to the aforementioned address (subject line: educational issue for the Board).



Graduate applicants must complete the payment process of the 100 euro fee before sending the request form (details of the payment – date and reference number, etc – must be stated on the form). To acquire the bank giro slip, click here 


Download the instructions on how to acquire the bank giro slip.


 Not held to payment: graduates who have completed the entire track for acquisition of 24 academic credits via courses offered at the Università del Piemonte Orientale.

Similarly, students enrolled on a programme at the university at the time the certification is requested are not held to payment.

Once the necessary checks and evaluations have been carried out, applicants will be informed via email of their issued certificate and how to receive it.

In the event that part of the 24 academic credits were acquired in a different university, times for certification issue may be longer, according to the time taken by that institute to reply. To facilitate checks and information, applicants are invited to send (by email to the aforementioned email address) any documents in their possession regarding their academic credits and their conformity to Ministerial Decree 616/2017.