Research Doctorates

A research doctorate (PhD) represents the highest form of qualification in the Italian academic system.

The goal of these programmes is to supply the necessary skills to perform high-level research at universities or in public and private organisations.

The programmes last a minimum of three years and are subject to capped numbers, with applications accepted only by candidates in possession of a Master’s degree or equivalent qualification. Candidates must apply via public competition, whereby qualifications are evaluated and an entrance test is held (interview and possible written test),

A doctorate programme is based on a specialised research project, supported by advanced teaching courses, individual study and cultural exchange of knowledge with other countries. The PhD student is supported throughout by an academic tutor who supervises the project and scientific development, while being assessed by the doctoral advisory committee in order to progress to each subsequent year. At the end of the programme, the title of Doctor of Philosophy  (PhD) is conferred following the submission of a doctoral dissertation compiled with scientific methods, and a defense of the findings in front of the PhD panel, with evaluation by two external examiners who hold doctorates and accredited research experience.

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