5‰ contribution


Help us by donating your 5‰ (voluntary contribution on tax returns) to help our students and young researchers, and the 46 UPO research projects to tackle the COVID-19 health emergency.  

In the past, the funds have been used to support student services, study grants and book vouchers. Scientific research, today more than ever, needs your support to understand the present and identify innovative and sustainable solutions for the future.

How can you donate your 5‰ contribution to Università del Piemonte Orientale? 

Simply sign the box “Finanziamenti della ricerca scientifica e della università” (Funding of scientific and university research), stating the University tax code (94021400026) in the appropriate space of your tax returns form.

A 5‰ contribution costs you nothing, involves no costs/taxation and does not replace the 8‰ contribution.