Our strategy


UPO pursues excellence and innovation of research and teaching, placing students at the heart of all initiatives, and stimulating the spread of ideas, knowledge and interdisciplinarity.

The student remains the ‘sun’, the ‘monaster’, of the University, to whom all attention is dedicated in the pursuit of growth on personal, social and professional levels. This means not only equipping the University with the best possible services but also guaranteeing students an entrepreneurial, modern, open, inclusive and interdisciplinary environment which is deeply innovative in its teaching and research as well as able to respond to vital social issues and create increased job opportunities with work-oriented and professionalising courses.

This may happen through a strong contagion of ideas, profitable partnerships between departments and disciplines on strategic research fields, which can become areas of excellence. This will allow the revealing of currently concealed excellence, highlighting modernity, surprises and out-of-the-box thinking while stimulating partnerships that can successfully compete in European Calls, developing a hothouse of young researchers.

The ‘home’ of the University has no borders – it is the People’s Europe, a world in continuous evolution which must be addressed without any complex of provincialism. This is why the University has started an admirable journey of internationalisation in all aspects: mobility, language courses, doctorates, research projects that attract researchers and teachers from abroad, and agreements with a growing number of foreign universities.

This vision is pursued in five large-scale strategic lines, each of which is organised into a series of strategic goals.


Guaranteeing a student-focused experience

Strengthening the number and quality of accommodation, structures and recreational activities

Improved mobility between locations

Developing the areas of career guidance, tutoring, job placement and student services.

Creating a cosmopolitan university community

Board for the right to higher education

Promoting multidisciplinary research with national an

Improvement of research quality

Development of innovative and interdisciplinary research projects between Departments: consolidation and increased number of specialised Departments

Development of research doctorates

Increased internationalisation of research

Improved success in competition Calls

Promoting innovation and internationalisation of teaching

Increased interdisciplinarity and intersectoriality of the curriculum

Increase in innovative and international study programmes

Regular accreditation of the University and its courses

University Board for international relations

Online courses

Introduction of best practices policies to raise quality standards

Reorganisation and Rationalisation of administrative-technical departments of the University

Prompt action for organisational urgencies: implementation of technical-administrative support for teaching, research, purchasing and libraries.

Incentives and rewards for professionalism; improved efficiency of technical-administrative and teaching systems.

Updated recruitment policies for human resources

Increased number and efficacy of Schools

Promotion of interaction with the territory and industry

Increased knowledge transfer, public engagement and third mission activity.

Promotion of the UPO image and activity on local, national and international levels.

Creation of the UPO Foundation