Medical biotechnologies (corso in lingua inglese)

Degree course: MSc (laurea magistrale) (in English)

Class: LM-9 -  Biotecnologie mediche, veterinarie e farmaceutiche


Structure: Dipartimento di Scienze della salute

Address: Novara, via Solaroli 17

Student Office: Novara, Via Perrone 18

Director: prof. Gianluca Gaidano

Start-date: 15th October (first year of enrollment) – 1st October (second year of enrollment)

The course in brief. This degree is designed to prepare graduates with a solid preparation in the field of molecular biology and pathogenic mechanisms involved in human diseases, with particular interest in the context of pathophysiology and biomedical diagnostics. The course intends to provide classes of an interdisciplinary basis and to focus on various fields of biotechnologies of medical interest, with emphasis on the fields of research, diagnostics as well as therapeutic and regenerative medicine. The educational objectives are directed to achieve the biomedical preparation that will enable students:

  • to have a good basic understanding of biological systems, interpreted at the molecular and cellular level, in particular in relation to human diseases;
  • to master the cultural background and experimental techniques that are proper of multidisciplinary biotechnologies for the production of goods and services through the use of biological systems;
  • to possess adequate skills for managing biomedical communication and information in the international arena;
  • to be able to work in team, to operate at various levels of autonomy and to fit in quickly in the workplace.

Possible job positions. Medical biotechnologist. Other positions: biologist; biochemist; biophysics specialist; pharmacologist; microbiologist.

Erasmus mobility (within the School of Medicine). France: “Sophia Antipolis de Nice”(Nizza); Germany: Marburg;  Portugal: Lisbona; Spain: Valladolid, Tarragona, La Laguna (Tenerife); Greece (Patras); Polonia (Wroclaw)