Our strengths

UPO is one of the top-ranked institutions in Italy for the high quality of its facilities, research and teaching: it ranks 12th among 61 institutions in the general ranking of State Universities, and 1st for customer’s satisfaction and for internships.

We are renowned for the excellent quality of our research. We rank 4th among mid-size Italian Universities and we are proud of our absolute primacy in many disciplines: Medical sciences, Biology, Political Science, Sociology, Computer Science, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Philosophy, History.

The quality of these results is supported by several international partnerships. We are leaders in 19 EU-projects. These rankings also confirm our commitment to technology transfer. Our spin-off companies frequently win national and international awards.

Our multi-campus is almost at the doorstep of our students. We have an excellent students/professors ratio. Everyone is followed  step by step in his/her academic life.

We are proud of our excellent graduates, who can find a job in a very short time after their graduation and receive adequate pay for their work. It is not so frequent in Italy.

Our medical students have been considered the best of Italy and our graduate and continuing education programs have an excellent reputation.

We offer a wide range of services. We try to create excellence, while making our students’ life easier..

It is not expensive to enroll at UPO. The policy to keep low tuition fees is tied with our mission to be the social elevator of the territory.