Diversity and inclusion

Press articles about diversity, inclusion, women in leadership, and the need to be open minded about religious and cultural differences sweep over us and push institutions to consider these themes as a top business strategy.

We do not think like that. For UPO diversity and inclusion are a top priority, it is something we deeply believe in. For this reason we set up a policy to create an inclusive and supportive work and study environment, to guarantee equal opportunities, to combat all forms of discrimination.

We have a special Safeguards Committee (CUG) to whom any victim of harassment, moral or psychological violence, direct and indirect discrimination related to gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, language, religion, disability, political opinion, personal and social conditions, may report the facts.

The CUG has advisory and monitoring tasks; its aim is to solve the conflicts, without replacing the judicial authority. A special Counselor helps students and personnel to tackle any form of discrimination and harassment within our premises.