Studying in English

Studying in English

Our courses that are totally delivered in English are:

  • most of the PhD Course in Chemistry and Biology

A growing number of modules, seminars and lecture series are offered in English on a regular basis:

Department of Law and Political, Economic and Social Sciences:

  • Individual and organizational decision-making
  • Public Choice
  • Law and economics
  • Banking and insurance
  • Statistics for economics and program evaluation
  • History of European institutions and law
  • European political institutions
  • Comparative law and Chinese and Asian legal system
  • Environmental European Law and Energy Regulation
  • Organisations, market and behaviours
  • Law and economics of crime
  • Comparative analysis of law, economics and institutions
  • Criminal investigation and European law

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Department of Humanities

Bachelor Degree: Lingue Straniere Moderne:

  • North American Literature IIA
  • History of North-American Cultures
  • English Linguistics First Year
  • English Linguistics A
  • English Linguistics B
  • Theatre Workshop: Tillit – English
  • English Literature IIA/IIIA
  • History of European Territories

Master Degree: Lingue Culture Turismo:

  • North American Literature I Second Level
  • North American Literature II Second Level
  • Anglo-American Culture
  • English Linguistics 1a Second Level
  • English Linguistics 1b Second Level
  • English Linguistics 2 Second Level
  • English Literature A Second Level
  • English Culture
  • English Literature B Second Level
  • Social and Economic History

Department of Economic and Business Studies:


For PhD courses, please, find the essential information in the dedicated section of the website.

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