Fees, Scholarships and Insurance


Students admitted to a Research Doctorate course who have not been granted a scholarship by the Education Ministry must pay a university tuition fee of185.00 € to be paid upon enrollment.

All doctorate students, whether or not awarded a scholarship, must pay a contribution of 110 € to the EDISU (Ente Regionale per il Diritto allo Studio).

The following students are exempt from the payment of the EDISU and university fees: those who are qualified for a scholarship in the EDISU ranking, and those who declare, and can prove, they are disabled with a degree of invalidity of at least 66%.

Students who pay the abovementioned fees after the deadline will be subject to a fine of € 100.



Scholarships are available for students andare awarded on the basis of the marks gained in the admission examination.

The scholarship covers the entire duration of the course. The amount of the grant  is increased for study periods spent abroad. The scholarship cannot be concurrent with other scholarships of any kind or with other fellowships granted for the same purpose.


Insurance coverage

Doctorate candidates are entitled to the following insurance coverage:

  • against accidents causing death or permanent invalidity occurring during the performance of their activities on the premises of the University or on the premises of third parties, related to the activities and competence established, countenanced or delegated by the University (the ‘Infortuni Cumulativa’ policy stipulated with the Compagnia Reale Mutua Assicurazioni S.p.A. – expiry date 31 December 2016);
  • against the amount as indemnity (capital, interest and expenses) they must pay as publicly liable according to the law; against damage not expressly excluded, involuntarily caused to third parties; and against death, personal injuries and damage to things and animals consequent upon an event related to activities carried out under the direction, coordination and control of the University or related to activities delegated, assigned or administered by the University (the ‘Responsabilità civile verso i terzi’ policy stipulated with the Compagnia Reale Mutua Assicurazioni S.p.A. – expiry date 31 December 2016).

Please note that the above insurance coverage does not apply to damage resulting from  or connected with the performance of medical-clinical and social work activities.