Admission and duration


Admission to the research doctorate programme is open to anyone who holds a master’s degree or its equivalent, even if awarded abroad and recognized by the Academic Board, regardless of age and nationality.

The selection for admission is based on the criteria and modalities described in the call; a mark of at least 40/60 is needed to pass the examination. The date and location of any written exam is made known to the candidates by registered letter.



The research doctorate courses last no less than three years and no more than four years. By 30th September of each year doctorate students must provide the Collegio dei Docenti with an account of the research activities carried out during the preceding year.

No later than six months before the conclusion of the doctorate course, the candidates must submit their dissertation to the Collegio dei Docenti in order to be admitted to the final examination.

The final examination consists of a public defense of the dissertation, during which the candidates present and discuss the results of their research in front of a board of experts in the subject.

The dissertation defense may be carried out in a language other than Italian.