The core of a Ph.D. course is the advanced training of graduates who want to specialize in scientific research. By taking this programme, you can develop the skills needed to carry out highly qualified research for universities, and public and private institutions.

A Ph.D. course lasts three or four years, and you may carry out a period abroad during it.

To enter a Ph.D. course you need to sit a public competitive exam or interview, the notice of which is usually published every year at the beginning of September. The academic year begins on 1st November and ends on 31st October of the following year. Some positions are covered by grants.

The main requirement to participate in a Ph.D. programme is to hold a master’s degree. Candidates with academic degrees from a foreign university which are not officially declared equivalent to Italian academic degrees must submit an explicit request for official validation.

The Ph.D. degree is awarded after a final examination, in which a research dissertation is defended.

Every doctorate course is headed by a coordinator who  establishes its objectives and operative procedures in agreement with a committee of professors (the Collegio dei Docenti).

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