DiSS stands for Dipartimento di Scienze della Salute (Health Sciences)

Research activities: Novara.

The DiSS is involved in research and multidisciplinary training in the medical field. It equips students with scientific expertise ranging from basic research to the study of pathogenetic mechanisms of complex diseases, the development of biomaterials and innovative strategies in the diagnostic and therapeutic field. It promotes the development, sharing and dissemination of necessary skills for the study, preservation and enhancement of human health.

It also encourages/facilitates the transfer of the results of scientific experiments from the laboratory to the patient. New impulses for the advancement of research are drawn from the patient's needs.

The Department coordinates 3 EU-grants (theranostics against cancer, studies on hemophilia, celiac disease and multiple sclerosis), national projects (neurodegenerative diseases and carcinogenesis) and a plethora of projects funded by banking foundations and other entities.