DiMET stands for Dipartimento di Medicina Traslazionale (Translational Medicine)

Research activities: Novara.

Translational medicine is an interdisciplinary branch of the biomedical field supported by three main pillars: benchside, bedside and community. Its goal is to combine disciplines, resources, expertise, and techniques within these pillars to promote enhancements in prevention, diagnosis, and therapies. It is a rapidly growing discipline in biomedical research.

The DiMET deals with the following fields of interest:

  • cardio-neuro-vascular and metabolic diseases;
  • proliferative diseases;
  • critical care medicine and emergency/disaster medicine;
  • transplant medicine;
  • public health and statistical methodology.

Five ongoing EU-grants concern hepatitis C, disaster medicine, heart failure, lifestyles and addictions, while some projects at a national level cover lymphoid neoplasms, papillomavirus, leukemia, and genome sequencing. A plethora of other research projects is funded by banking foundations and other entities.