How to enroll at UPO

Our University offers a number of courses with specific entry tests and assessment procedures to evaluate the knowledge of incoming students.

It is possible to opt for either a full-time or a part-time study plan. Undergraduate degree programmes last three years, with the exception of the 5-year or 6-year single cycle degrees.

Please, check the enrollment availability for each Department.

For detailed information concerning:

  • the enrollment of international students residing abroad;
  • the enrollment of EU citizens, wherever they may reside; of foreign citizens officially residing in Italy; of Italian citizens with a degree earned abroad;
  • the enrollment of non-Italian EU citizens residing in Italy; non-EU citizens officially residing in Italy; non-EU citizens residing abroad

you need to consult the regulations on the MIUR (Ministry of Education) website.

Before enrolling, we suggest that you check whether your documents are valid at the Segreterie Studenti (Registration Offices) of the course you are interested in.

Application for international students

Connected to the siteUniversItaly:
UniversItaly gives you access to lots of useful information.
After you register, you will have access to all the resources and services of UniversItaly.
Complete the online registration form, once your account is set up you will have access to all the website resources and services.

The application “International Students” allows to manage online:
• the submission of pre-registration applications to higher education courses in Italy by non-EU students applying for a visa for study;
• the validation of applications for pre-registration by higher education institutions and the forwarding to the Embassies or Consulates, indicated by the students;
• the reception by the Embassies of applications for pre-registration already validated by the Institutions and complete information on admission to study courses and any other useful information for the issue of entry visa for study.

For A.A. 2020-21, online pre-registration is provided only for students who intend to enrol at the University.

The following procedures are no longer required:
• completion of template A (BY THE STUDENT);
• the preparation of letters  according to model D (BY THE UNIVERSITY);
• submissions of student lists and confirmations via PEC. The transmission of data is only through the application “International Students”.

Procedure to be followed:
Personal area – login
Enter your data in the appropriate form, once registered you can access all areas, choose your course of study and attach the titles in your possession.

We remind that for any communication about universitaly procedures you will be contacted through email given in registration. Each User must keep it updated.


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