How to enroll at UPO

Our University offers a number of courses with specific entry tests and assessment procedures to evaluate the knowledge of incoming students.

It is possible to opt for either a full-time or a part-time study plan. Undergraduate degree programmes last three years, with the exception of the 5-year or 6-year single cycle degrees.

Please, check the enrollment availability for each Department.

For detailed information concerning:

  • the enrollment of international students residing abroad;
  • the enrollment of EU citizens, wherever they may reside; of foreign citizens officially residing in Italy; of Italian citizens with a degree earned abroad;
  • the enrollment of non-Italian EU citizens residing in Italy; non-EU citizens officially residing in Italy; non-EU citizens residing abroad

you need to consult the regulations on the MIUR (Ministry of Education) website.

Before enrolling, we suggest that you check whether your documents are valid at the Segreterie Studenti (Registration Offices) of the course you are interested in.

Application for international students

You are an international  student if you hold a foreign qualification/degree  (your citizenship is not relevant). Step by step  pre-enrolment procedure for international students. If you have a qualification issued by a non-Italian High School or University and you wish to apply for an undergraduate, postgraduate, 5-year or

6-year degree program, the online pre-enrolment procedure on  is mandatory

  • Click on and fill  in the form specifying an email you regularly check.
  • Do not sign up more than once by using  different email addresses because your applications would be rejected straight away.
  • Click on “SAVE” to save your application. Make sure you have  filled in all the form and uploaded all necessary documents before clicking “SUBMIT”.