Free Mover

The status of a visiting student (‘Free Mover’) can be granted to all incoming foreign students, provided that they are regularly enrolled at a University, either in Europe or elsewhere in the world.

Curricular activities are based on the same rules applied by the Erasmus Programme. Currently, incoming students do not pay any university fee, and no financial contribution can be offered to them.

UPO provides insurance and the same services enjoyed by Erasmus students. Incoming ‘Free Movers’ are also supported by UPO when applying for their “codice fiscale” (the Italian Tax Identification Number) and their residence permit (it only applies to non-EU students).

To apply for a position of Incoming Free Mover, please choose the documents below.

In order to be accepted by our University please write to your intention to come as Free mover, name, surname, field of interest, level of study and don't forget to mention your Sending University name. We will contact the Department Coordinator and we will let you know by email the procedure.


Our application form is online 
WILL BE AVAILABLE FROM  APRIL 3rd 2019 10.30 am 
On the left side you will find the UK flag for the English translation page.

Application deadline:
30th June for fall semester/ all year
31st October: spring semester

First step: registration (on the left) : fill with all the information and you will create a new user with password.
Second step application form
We require some compulsory documents in our online application:

  • Identity Card
  • Languages certification or Self- certification English and/or Italian (Nursing students should provide a English B2 level or B1 Italian.)
  • Photo
  • Learning Agreement signed by the Sending Institution.

N.B as international prefix, use double 00 in front of it, not + (es. 0034 not +34).
Uploading your Identity Card you will find your data already there, but you need upload again your data and the attachment.

You will sent us ( thei registration form duly signed with their attachments. In this form it's necessary fill the missing information ( Erasmus Area, Sending Institution's Erasmus Office info) and cross the level or study and period.

There is a blank space after "Accommodation " you should NOT fill it, if you need an accommodation below you will find the mail addresses needed.

For the residence you should contact, in order to rent a flat you should contact (for Novara) or (for Novara and Alessandria).

*N.B. There are some courses  splitted in other cities (ex. Law in Novara) students CAN decide where to go, you CAN'T change during the mobility, you MUST stick to the city you decided.
Let us know which city you decided by email.

Other services (es. information about Fiscal code, email account and mensa card for your meals) will be provided at your arrival in Italy by the Department.

*N.B. A few courses are tought in English, the offer is not so large and it cannot be assured for the following academic period.Thus, in terms of teaching language, our UG and PG are considered Italian taught degrees. Only Postgraduated degree in Medical Biotechnology is taught completely in English.