In 2004, a regulatory protocol was adopted to control and safeguard the deposit and commercial use of patents.

The current Patents Committee was set up by the Rector’s Decree of 06/11/2018 and is composed of:

  • Lucrezia Songini, Department of Economics and Business Studies (Chair)
  • Enrico Boccaleri, Department of Science, Technology and Innovation
  • Marisa Gariglio, Department of Translational Medicine


The list of UPO-registered patents and related details is available via the right-hand menu.

The texts outline the name of the inventors, Department affiliations, any co-ownership, current status of the patent (geographic coverage and/or current licence agreements) and the link to the Knowledgeshare platform.


The Research Section, on behalf of the University and via TTO, is willing to consider offers to purchase intellectual property rights, and for exclusive/non-exclusive licencing agreements aimed at industrial manufacturing of the inventions with customised terms and conditions for each individual case.