Useful contacts

Here you can find some useful contact details for information on the most popular topics.


Office / Services How to contact us Telephone

Orientation for Freshers


0161 261579

Student Services/Assistance for disabled or reduced mobility students


0161 261566

Ongoing orientation

0161 261527

International students/international mobility programmes


0161 261529

Guidance for work/internships and job placements

0161 261547

Post-grad diplomas / specialist Master degrees / advanced training courses

0161 261529

Medical Specialisation Schools


0321 375241/242

State Exams

0161 261551

Research doctorates

0161 261522

Equal opportunities / Discrimination / Sexual harassment


Health and Safety / Accidents & Injuries

0161 261568

Activation of student email account



Online lessons  

If you cannot find the reference for the information you need, visit this page or write to or call 0161 261579 / 0161 228449.

For registration and enrollment, information about your career, transfers, fees and ISEE, etc., contact the student secretary of reference using the UPOrisponde service. If your inquiry is particularly complex, these are the phone numbers of the Student Secretariats, or you can use the UPOriceve Online Help Desk service.

If your request is very urgent, these are the telephone numbers of the various Registrar’s offices. You can also use the UPOriceve online help desk service.

Department Telephone

Department of Law and Political, Economic and Social Sciences (DiGSPES)

0131 283907

Department of Pharmaceutical Science (DSF)

0321 375612/613/614

Department of Science, Technology and Innovation (DiSIT) 

0131 360120

Department of Economics and Business Studies (DiSEI) 

0321 375250

Department of Humanities (DiSUm)

0161 228236

School of Medicine

0321 375270

Administrative coordination

0161 261506

Student Services Offices are currently operating on an appointments-only basis and can be reached by phone Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Administrative offices are closed on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.