Incoming transfers

Incoming transfers are organised differently according to whether the course type is unrestricted admission, capped number or state-regulated.

Once the decision has been made on your application to transfer, Student Services will communicate the result to you via email.

You must settle all outstanding fee instalments within twenty days (without late payment penalty fee). Should you fail to make these payments, the transfer request will be returned to your current department.


Incoming transfers to unrestricted access courses

For unrestricted access degree programmes, transfer requests must be made to your current university. The Università del Piemonte Orientale will accept all applications stamped with a submission date of no later than 30 November 2021.

Incoming transfers presented by this date but where fee payment has not been settled within 20 days of notification by the Student Services Office, or where the transfer request is made after 30 November 2021, will be returned to the original university and department.

In all cases, those who have applied for incoming transfer may complete registration only after the destination Student Services office has received all necessary documentation. We advise you to check that all required documents have been sent/received by the offices responsible, in sufficient time to complete registration.


Incoming transfers for capped number programmes

Applications for incoming transfers to capped number degree courses (Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology); admission to the first year is allowed only in the event of non-assigned places at the end of the procedure. Admission to subsequent years is subject to the number of places available. Further information is provided in the specific Calls published on the websites of the departments concerned.


Incoming transfers to state-regulated programmes

For incoming transfers to state-regulated degree programmes, a dispensation certificate must first be issued by the destination department, which must verify the number of available places. The dispensation must be requested within the stated deadlines and according to the procedure established by each department.

To transfer to single-cycle Master’s degree programmes in Medicine and Surgery, the criteria are laid out in the Call by the School of Medicine, which is published in the department website, subject to available places. For Healthcare Professions courses, notices will be published on the webpages of the individual courses, according to availability of places as stated on the School of Medicine website.