SLD Information Desk

The SLD Information Desk is offered to UPO students who have an official SLD diagnosis. These conditions adversely affect the student’s organisational skills and preparation of exams, academic work and, often, self-confidence, with negative repercussions on university progress. Such conditions include:

  • dyslexia: inaccuracy and slowness in reading, particularly aloud, as compared with others of same age/class
  • dysorthography: problems with writing, difficulty in the linguistic process of spelling and phonological decoding
  • dysgraphia: problems with handwriting and written communication of ideas
  • dyscalculia: problems with number-related concepts, maths calculations and problem-solving

With the support of neuropsychiatrists, psychologists and questionnaires, it is possible to diagnose specific learning disabilities and take direct action to offer a better quality of university life (and not only) for the affected individuals. If you think you may have one of these conditions or simply want more information, visit the Student Services Office or write to to ask for a personal interview that will identify a specific course of action to take (flanked by the relevant health authorities where necessary) and help you understand the issue better as well as find strategies to tackle the problem and assist you in your university studies.