Vercelli Halls of Residence

To facilitate the lives of students from outside the city who enrol on our courses, we offer a number of beds at subsidised rates, irrespective of the student’s family income.

This opportunity is possible thanks to an agreement with E.Di.S.U. The prices, which are very favourable, are listed in the attached table.

Services include:

  • Provision of 2 sets of bedsheets
  • Twice-weekly cleaning of common areas (excluding any shared toilet facilities, which will now be closed)
  • Daily cleaning of kitchens
  • Special deep cleaning of rooms (twice a year)
  • Vercelli Reception Desk, manned from Monday to Friday 9am to 3pm, and on-call service in case of emergency. Saturday and Sunday 9am – 1pm Telephone 0161.502986 Cell 335.8489218
  • Utilities and overheads

For further information, please contact:

Tel. 0161.26.15.66 -