National and regional funding

National funding

The University is awarded various funds from the MIUR for scientific research, including those pertaining to PRIN (Programmes for Research of National Interest).

In the last Call for applications, PRIN 2017, the University received funding for 23 research projects, acting as Coordinator for 7 of these.


Regional funding

The Piedmont Regional Authority is one of the main backers of UPO’s work, through its Calls for research and strategy projects. Some projects funded by the Call for Human and Social Sciences are still underway; important results were attained in projects forwarded for the Call “Converging Technologies” and the strategic projects on “Innovative Platforms” as well as all activity by the innovative hubs set up with the support of the Regional Authority.

The main actions today revolve around the European Fund for Regional Development (POR-FESR), aimed at developing investment in research and development, creating knowledge societies and conditions that facilitate sustainable development in accordance with the European Guidelines, the National Strategic Reference Framework, the Lisbon Strategy, the European Council meeting in Gothenburg, and national/regional policies for development.

The 2007-2013 Programme was dedicated to “Competitiveness and Employment”, focusing on four specific axes: innovation and transition in production, sustainability and energy efficiency, territorial redevelopment and technical assistance. This programme is near its end, ready to present the final results.

The 2014-2020 Structural Funds are aimed at strong conceptual and legislative innovation: the 2020 European Strategy is supported via the adoption of stronger principles aimed at completing and integrating resources, measuring results, guaranteeing appropriate administrative skills, extending governance, and greater attention to the region. UPO has presented various projects and is awaiting evaluation results.