IRIS - Institutional Research Information System

IRIS – The Institutional Research Information System is the public portal from Cineca for the collection and management of data related to research output. It is a unique system integrated with other university systems and able to interact with national and international central systems for the management and dissemination of publications, compliant to requirements of MIUR and the European Commission on Open Access.


IRIS can be accessed at

By accessing the IRIS portal, users can have a complete overview of all University research results – on the right-hand side at the top is the Login button to access the personal page of the results catalogue, using the same login credentials as for other University systems (mail, intranet, etc).

In the menu bar of the IRIS system, at the top, there is a “HELP” section which includes the user manual, video tutorials and webinars.

For user support, the right-hand menu provides a FAQ section while each Department has a contact person who supplies information and assistance:

If it is not possible to resolve problems through these specific departments, or if it is necessary to activate a user, contact