IRIS - Institutional Research Information System

IRIS - Institutional Research Information System, is the platform dedicated to the collection and management of data related to research products. It is a unique and integrated system with other University systems, capable of dialoguing with central national and international systems for the management and dissemination of publications, complying with MIUR and European Commission requirements on Open Access.

IRIS - Catalog of Research Products can be reached at

Accessing the IRIS portal provides a complete view of all the University's products.

At the top right is the login button from which you can access your personal product catalog page using the same login credentials used for other University systems (email, intranet, etc...).

In the IRIS System menu bar located at the top is a "HELP" section containing user manuals, video tutorials and webinars.

As of June 2022, IRIS has undergone a redesign, the main changes from a graphical and functional point of view are described in the document IRIS - What's New 2022

Within the IRIS system, the Research and Development Division takes care of coordination activities with the Poles, user activations, ordinary management of the Catalog and that related to the various ministerial procedures. 

To activate a user, see the instructions and write to

More information can be found in the FAQ.

Each Pole has a contact person who performs the following user support functions:

  • in the use of the IRIS catalog
  • in massive data operations, statistical processing, reporting, sharing of communications to the users afferent to the Pole
  • in the monitoring and periodic maintenance of the quality of the IRIS catalog
  • in the activities related to ministerial procedures (VQR, ASN)




Fabrizio Fossati

Rosa Romeo

Polo di Novara(a supporto dei dipartimenti DiSEI, DiMET, DiSS, DSF)

Ilaria Andreoletti

Paola Marcone

Polo di Vercelli (a supporto dei dipartimenti DiSSTE, DiSUM)

Silvia Bello

Marco Lombardo

Emanuela Zampar

Polo di Alessandria (a supporto dei dipartimenti DiGSPES, DiSIT)

Chiara Zara

In support of the activities of doctoral theses