- High added-value bioactive polyphenols recovered from waste of olive oil production



Funding body
Fondazione Cariplo
Economia Circolare - 2018
118.800 €

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Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences


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Bosetti Michela, Anatomia Umana, Lab. Rigenerazione Tessutale

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Each year, the olive oil industry produces huge quantities of production waste with enormous disposal costs in order to avoid toxic pollution of land and water resources.

This “waste” is rich in polyphenols, powerful antioxidants that include hydroxytyrosol, used frequently as an ingredient in highly commercial cosmetic formulas. Thus, the recovery of this substance from olive oil production waste not only allows the use of these residues but also allows production costs to be lowered as the extraction procedure uses more eco-friendly technologies than those commonly used.

This project’s uniqueness lies in its context of circular economy, in the exploitation of food production waste for the extraction, purification and production of bioactive composites with a high commercial value.

The study of osteoinduction and osteogenesis will complete the study, looking at prevention treatment for the loss and stimulation of bone regeneration.

The project is competitive on a global scale, using production process waste as an application for bone regeneration via the enrichment of 3D scaffolding.