- Global Europeanness: toward a differentiated approach to global history 1450-1900



Funding body
PRIN 2017
193.000 €

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Department of Humanities


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Claudio Rosso
Stefani Sini
Edoardo Elio Flaminio Tortarolo

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Global Europeanness (GLE) sets out to analyse the consequences in historical practices produced by global expansion of historic experience in the last half-century. Specifically, the project aims to redefine the concept of globality in the modern era (1450-1900). “Global history” and “world history” have recently emerged as two historiographic concepts of undoubted importance in contemporary discourse, as they are based on an analytical model of interconnections between different players and realities.

GLE sets out to identify different globalities in modern times, focusing on how these have contributed to creating European identities with an unquestionable influence on the history of the 1900s.

The key strengths of the project can be found in the originality of the perspective, in the many planes on which the analysis is carried out (historiographic above all, but also institutional, social and political) and the possibility of transforming the research results (attained with rigid verification criteria) into a debate for public opinion.

GLE is a collaborative research project involving four universities: the project leader UPO along with the universities of Trieste, Turin and Florence.