Peer Support system – SOSTA (SUPPORT)

The SOSTA helpdesk (University Orientation and Tutoring Service) is a peer-run initiative managed by the Orientation Service to welcome and support university students.

The service:

  • welcomes high-school leavers in online meetings “Meet the University Students”, both individually and in small groups
  • supports Freshers as they begin university
  • helps resolve admin and organisational issues
  • provides information about services and opportunities available in the university
  • helps with access to tutoring, acting as an intermediary with department tutors
  • supplies a first-stop introduction for foreign students, giving them information on university organisation, opportunities and services for students, thereby helping them to integrate into university life.
  • supports disabled students and students with learning disabilities, providing details on specific services
  • promotes contact with the university Orientation Service for orientation meetings/interviews, study support, peer study collaboration (study buddy system)

The SOSTA meetings are held online, using Google Meet. The CONTACT US link will be activated at the beginning of the direct contact service.

In the meantime, for assistance in your choice of course or study guidance, please contact the Orientation Service via the online form or by e-mail